Concordia Student-Run Food Groups Research Project

The Project

The Concordia Student Run Food Groups Research Project consists of an online archive of food groups at Concordia University. This project was developed to provide an institutional memory of the student-run food projects – past, present and future – on campus at Concordia University.

The long-term goal of this project is to help in the development of a more socially responsible, environmentally sustainable, cooperative food system at Concordia, the community and world at large. Hopefully what is learned through this project can help other universities, institutions and communities develop and implement better food practices.

The research methods used to develop this project are not conventional. This archive is part of an ontological process because it is in the state of perpetual change. ‘Results’ are posted on a regular basis because we make our videos and information available as we obtain them. Student groups are not static entities, they change over time. Members come and go affecting the direction of the organizations internally (within themselves) and externally (in relation to other groups). New groups form and old groups sometimes cease their activities. In consequence, the landscape of food groups at Concordia changes over time as does the information on this archive.

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The project is being developed by Erik Chevrier, Kim Gagnon, under the supervision of Dr. Satoshi Ikeda. A variety of interns have also participate in developing content for this site.

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Come get involved with us!

If you are a student who wants to get involved in this project, you can perform an internship with us for credit. You can also get involved by submitting your class assignments if they relate to the subject matter in this site.

If you are a professor or researcher who wants to help develop this archive, we are looking for collaborators.

If you are a funding agency, individual or organization who wants to invest to keep this project going, we can greatly use your support.

If you are another member of the Concordia community, or the community at large, who wants to get involved with this project…