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The Concordia Greenhouse

The Concordia Greenhouse

Sheena Swirlz, the Greenhouse Services and programming coordinator, gives up a glimpse of what happens on a typical day at the Concordia Greenhouse in this short promo video.

The Concordia Greenhouse: An interview with Sheena Swirlz – Full Interview

We interview  Sheena Swirlz, the Greenhouse Services and programming coordinator, to learn about the Greenhouses year-round green space that hosts a series of workshops, projects and events raising awareness around food issues and alternatives to mainstream consumerism at Concordia University.

Below you find a variety of short videos highlighting particular topics Sheena has shared her views on from The Concordia Greenhouse: An interview with Sheena Swirlz – FULL INTERVIEW

Who is Sheena Swirlz?

The History of the Concordia Greenhouse

The Mission of the Concordia Greenhouse

Concordia Greenhouse Partnerships

How the Greenhouse is Contributing to Sustainability Initiatives at Concordia

The Concordia Greenhouse Structure

The Concordia Greenhouse Funding

How the Concordia Greenhouse can be Improved

Sheena on an Ideal Food System at Concordia

Where to Buy Products From the Concordia Greenhouse

Short and Long Term Visions for the Concordia Greenhouse

A Typical Day at the Concordia Greenhouse

What’s Growing at the Concordia Greenhouse

How to Get Involved at the Concordia Greenhouse

How to Contact the Concordia Greenhouse


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