Concordia Student-Run Food Groups Research Project

Support Local Food Initiatives


March 19 - 02:00 pm


March 30 - 05:00 pm


Hive Café Solidarity Co-op


Hive Café Solidarity Co-op

1455 De Maisonneuve West, (Hall Building, 2nd Floor Mezz)

Montreal, QC, Canada, H3G 1M8

Support Local Food Initiatives. Check out the Hive Cafe Coop & Frigo Vert for your chance to win!

Collect your food card at either location and get a stamp from both locations before March 31st for your chance to win.

Frigo Vert
le frigo vert … an anti-capitalist food store!
The short version: Come to the store to buy organic bulk and pre-packaged food, alternative health products, environmentally-thoughtful cleaning supplies, sandwiches, snacks, 50-cent coffee, and much more! Hang-out in the lounge (you don’t need to buy anything), heat up your lunch in the kitchen, get informed about local activist and arts events, find out more about food and anti-oppression politics, use the gender neutral washrooms, volunteer, study, or just take a break from the hard world!
Le Frigo Vert is a public space. It is run collectively and it belongs to no one person or group.

The Hive Cafe Solidarity Co-op
The mission of the Hive Cafe Co-op is to be a model food system at Concordia University that provides food through sustainable practices and empowers the student community.