Concordia Student-Run Food Groups Research Project

Concordia Farmer’s Market

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Photos by Lori Marachian

Food & Culture Conference Report – by Lori Marachian

Wednesdays from 12-6pm on campus

The Concordia event that interested me the most is the weekly farmer’s market. I first visited the market in the beginning of the semester when it was held outdoors. The farmer’s market is organized by the Concordia Food Coalition and is committed to providing students and staff with a great selection of local and organic foods every Wednesday from 12-6pm on campus. The Concordia Food Coalition (CFC) is concerned about the economic, ecological, and social implications of the food system at Concordia University.

Last week I attended the market on Wednesday November 15 at 1pm. It was taking place at the mezzanine in the Hall building in front of the hive café, where I usually hang out on my short breaks. There were many vendors and some interesting products. What I noticed is there was more condiment and beauty products than there were fresh produce, but I am assuming that has to do with the season, since everything is local and organic. The first table I visited was “Abeilles de la Colline” from Mille-Isles. They had a selection of honey, bee pollen and beeswax. I appreciate local and sustainable honey production because it is an alternative to the current situation of the exploitation of pollinators. There was a table selling handmade jewellery called “Cory Hunlin jewellery” followed by “Les confitures de Janette” selling all kinds of homemade jams with a vast variety of flavours, they were offering samples. “Bella products” was present, offering many types of handmade soaps and facemasks; they have such great smelling soaps with coconut, charcoal and many herbs. I then proceeded to the next table where two young men were selling fruit hot sauce, their company is called “Brochacho”, they offered me a sample and I tried the mango hot sauce, it was too spicy for me as I am not a fan of spicy foods. They had very interesting flavours and make everything themselves.

The most interesting table I came across was the Concordia Greenhouse and farm school table; they were selling so many things from micro greens to arugula to oils and mushroom making kits. The lady was very kind and offered me to taste the micro greens, I tried the buckwheat and the radish. Fun fact: the arugula they were selling was harvested the previous day, so fresh! Another table was selling eye pillows infused with essential oils.  I was so tempted to purchase one infused with lavender as I am a sucker for essential oils, but I resisted…maybe next time.

Finally, “Asset designs” were selling hand printed, locally sourced bags and apparel.

I was truly amazed by the variety of products available at the farmers market. They really cater to students or anyone who is looking for ecological, local, organic products. What they’re doing is so important because they are providing an alternative to some products that a student might not have access to. They have something for everyone. Their next farmers market is on November 22nd from 10am to 4pm at JMSB, and it will be their first holiday pop-up.

You can visit them on their Facebook page: Concordia Farmer’s Market or contact them at